perjantai 12. syyskuuta 2014

Vieraskynä: Biochemistry makes my life Fluky!!!

The human body has always intrigued me, its diverse mechanisms providing complex antibodies that recognize foreign organisms such as viruses and bacteria. It's these organisms that are working every day and every night to maintain and sustain the way of life we so frequently take for granted. Its adaptation to this harsh world is quite extraordinary. With the correct medical influence our body may one day be impenetrable to disease. The body still holds many secrets yet to be discovered, which motivates most of the biochemists to study this field. 

When students start studying biochemistry their expectations are so high (at least I had) and so outcomes frustrate the people. What I found after entering to the biochemistry world is, you always have to do struggle throughout your life. Well, being a biochemist, we should raise hands for biochemistry. During work, sometimes weird hypothesis work, that’s why people say science is crazy but I say, biochemistry is nutty as a fruitcake. Once, I have faced a similar situation where the unknown hypothesis (for me) surprised me. I used to get just 1% of my protein of interest after long struggle of purification steps; even protein expression was more than enough. Really, it was a frustrating moment, when I saw 99% of the sample was some other protein. Using most of the available techniques to succeed in this epic was useless - it just consumed all of my time and left couple of weeks to the deadline. After putting little drop of some solution (LDAO, about which I did not have an idea), I just obtained the exactly reverse profile, where more than 99% of the sample was my protein and just a couple of weeks were actually enough to do other experiments which I had designed before. So, I found out, it is nothing to do with the purification; it’s just selection of good partners, where protein can be more stable. 

                                                  Bacteria Loves to be in this Juicy world.
As soon as I got frustrated, I used to get some good surprises, which really makes the way little Fluky. And, of course Oulu provides this grand opportunity to me in the globalization context. Thanks to Oulu and the university.

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